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India ranks third biggest e-shopping nation online today

The recent survey conducted by Nielsen, India has emerged as the 3rd biggest nation when it come to online shopping and using a credit card online. Drawn by the facilities offered by the Web and the diversity of products available on it, Indian netizens have emerged as the third biggest credit card users globally for online purchasing, next only to the Turkey and Ireland.

The survey shows more than 85 per cent of Internet users in the world are purchasing goods or services online, with credit cards as the most used method of payment.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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Sante J. Achille

6 Responses to India ranks third biggest e-shopping nation online today

  1. Rakesh Sharma says:

    I am from India and this report comes both as a shocker and a surprise. I have been an avid online shopper. Recently I have added online grocery shopping to my shopping list. And I believe many Indians like me are making this happen. For me, I feel sites like mygrahak.com are making it easier for people to go online. These online grocery shopping sites really help people take the decision and also are convenient.

  2. AC says:

    3rd rank, thats pretty agressive. What happered to China, Japan, US and Other. Something doesnt seem right about this report

  3. Seemantini Bose says:

    Yeh, Rakesh…I exactly meant this. This seems to be so farcical. I mean e-commerce in India is still in the nascent stage and its 3rd rank in terms of e-commerce among all the nations…it’s just too much. To know more about e-commerce scenario in India you may visit- http://maketicklive.com/blogs/

  4. Rakesh says:

    Wow! Biggest!! and next only to advanced nations like Turkey and Ireland??? Whatever happened to the Internet 3rd world like poor old US, and UK and Australia and the other European countries?

    This doesn’t seem to make any sense. Is this total number of credit card users who shop online, or is it the percentage of credit card holders who ditto? It certainly is not remotely in terms of total spend online, or even a per capita of total population.

    Wonder what it means. Seems to be a gross misunderstanding/ misinterpretation on Mumbai Mirror’s part.


  5. Seemantini Bose says:

    Well…it is very important to which are the cities and parts of the country on which the survey was based ! I don’t think the survey went outside the major metropolises of the country. As a regular Internet user from India, I can only say that there is lot more to it. The long parking queues are just not enough to break the age long apprehension of the mass in terms of shopping online.

    Well, I feel the major factor remains the lack of user friendly shopping portals in India. Most of the times the business giants tend to forget that the psychology of the Indian shoppers differs from the rest of the world. It is not always that the shoppers decide to buy something and log on to the shopping portals. Indian shoppers like to roam around and if anything particular of interest catches their attention they think of buying it. So there has to be user friendly sites with categories explicitly defined and managed. The more cluttered the sites would be, more the users will tend to alienate from the entire process. Then there should be options for comparative and group shopping as we Indians like to discuss and talk to friends and relatives about the product before buying it.

    The there is the ‘touch and feel factor’ which never seems to stop playing at the back of mind of the shoppers. This is where the trust factor comes in as in ‘what if I don’t get what I see online?’, ‘What if the product is defective…can it be exchanged for a good one?’or something like ‘what if I don’t get the thing at all after I pay for it..?’ One cannot rule out these factors while talking about the success of e-commerce in India !

    Then there is the shipping process…most of the sites tend to charge a lot for shipping the product to your place. Why would someone like to pay for it ,when in India there is ample option for bringing back the thing from a mall to home ! And last but not the least…apprehension of giving out the credit card details.

    Ok, I agree that the scenario is improving in India but at the same time I feel there is a lot more to happen.

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